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FOX Prisonbreak's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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[16 Mar 2008|05:27pm]


Wentworth Miller Makes a Paris Prison Break
Sat, 15 March 2008

Wentworth Miller poses with a few female fans at the Georges V Hotel in Paris, France on Saturday.
The 35-year-old actor has been busy promoting his hit TV drama Prison Break.
10+ pictures inside of Wentworth Miller making a Prison Break from Paris…

More Here! »
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Prison Break Interviews [01 Jan 2007|02:02am]

Recently my online magazine, Starry Constellation Magazine, conducted an interview with a large amount of cast members from Prison Break. Interviews include Robert Knepper, Rockmund Dunbar, Lane Garrison, Reggie Lee, Wade Williams, Marshall Allman and Silas Weir Mitchell. If you'd like to check out our interviews, please click the link below:

Prison Break

If you know of any sites or forums to post these links, please feel free to post it up. However, we prefer that you do not post up the content from our interviews. If you want to post something, please post the link.
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Fall Finale! [27 Nov 2006|06:05pm]

Gawd! Tonight we'll have to get our last look at Wentworth Miller and dominic Purcelle until the holidays are over! AHHH!! Can we survive?? Will they die? Will the fbi guy actually shoot them? What will happen to Sara? ahhh!!

x-posted, sorry.
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Someone gets Caught! [10 Sep 2006|09:45am]

[ mood | anxious ]

So in the preview for tomorrow's episode they say that someone will get caught. who do you guys think it is? I'm guessing the army guy.

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[19 Mar 2006|01:28pm]

Who else is excited about the new season that starts tomorrow? I certainly am, we've been waiting long enough!

If you know anyone that likes the show that isn't already a member of this community, please ask them to join! I'm not saying go out and spam everyone, but for the new season I'd like this community to be active!

Thanks guys, take care.
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Dominic Purcell - random info [25 Oct 2005|10:04pm]

Dominic was born in England but moved to Australia at the age of two with his Norweigan father and Irish mother. He left high-school to form a land-scaping business with some friends, and also spent a little time surfing. When he got tired of his job as a landscaper, Dominic decided to try his hand at acting, with television success in Australia. At the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts, he was a classmate of Hugh Jackman. In 2000, he won a green card lottery, and moved to the United States, living in Los Angeles for a few years. After getting the title role in John Doe, he eventually moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with his wife Rebecca, and their two children, son Joseph and daughter Audrey.
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prison slang [24 Oct 2005|11:50pm]

Taken from the FOX PRISONBREAK website... thought it was kinda cheesy and thought anyone who is a fan of the show would get a kick out of it.


Bellick: “The Ten Commandments don’t mean a box of piss in here. We got two commandments and two only. First commandment is YOU GOT NOTHING’ COMING.”

YOU GOT NOTHING’ COMING: Common prison term indicating that an inmate is not deserving of regular issue or privileges.



TALKIN' OUT THE SIDE OF YOUR NECK: A phrase officers use to express disbelief in what an inmate is saying. The phrase is derived from a time when prisoners were not allowed to speak to each other and learned to talk to the person next to them while standing and looking straight ahead.


Sucre: “Suggest you take a seat, FISH.”

FISH: A new prisoner


Sucre: “Trey Street Deuces got hoops, Norteños got handball, Woods got the weight pile… and the C.O.s got the rest.”

C.O.: Correctional Officer.


Sucre: “He’s my new CELLIE.”

CELLIE: Cellmate.


Sucre: “You couldn’t BUST A GRAPE in Napa with a set of cleats on.”

BUST A GRAPE: To challenge another inmate to take physical action


C-Note: “You’re one mixed up SNOWFLAKE, you know that?”

SNOWFLAKE: Derogatory term for a Caucasian.


Sucre: “Only time those boys are getting out is for chapel and P.I..”

P.I.: Prison industries. The prison-run work program for inmates.


C,O,: “Burrows. ROLL IT UP. Happy hour’s over.”

ROLL IT UP: Order by an officer for a prisoner to move out of an area.


Pope: “Behavior like that out on the yard today isn’t tolerable in my prison. Ninety days in the SHU ought to be enough time for you to contemplate that fact, arrive at the same conclusion.”

SHU: Segregated Housing Unit. Pronounced "shoe," prisoners can be placed there as punishment, or if they pose a threat to prison security. The SHU is characterized by almost total isolation, sensory deprivation and a limited access to programs
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